Straight Razors & Accessories

The old school of barbershop shaving is back and men all over the world are picking up their straight razors (or Shavettes) and strops and giving their faces the absolute closest shave a man can truly get.

The market for straight razors is growing at a phenomenal rate and we’re here to help you access all of the premium brands in this burgeoning market.

What brands of razors do we carry? Only the best: Dovo and Merkur (their blades are produced with world famous Solingen steel).

We can stock your store with every aspect of the wet shaving experience - straight razors, razor strops, blade holders, shaving stands, strop paste and creams and razor blade refills.

Should you be new to stocking straight razors, be sure to look over our Men’s Gifting section to get a better understanding of what products sell best with others.

Want to amaze your customers? Ask our sales staff about their stellar sales and marketing training, which is offered on a complimentary basis to our clients.

About Perma Brands: Since 1988, Perma Brands has established itself as one of North America’s premier distributor of wholesale toiletries. What sets us our company apart is our insistence on distributing only premium wholesale shaving supplies.

We carry one of the most extensive line of men’s grooming products which includes everything from straight razors to beard grooming accessories, men’s gift sets and much more.