LEA Classics

LEA shaving products are to Spain’s heritage what Dovo Solingen is to Germany and Kent Brushes to the United Kingdom. LEA has been producing high-quality products for men’s grooming since the 1930s.

Over the years, the company has successfully broken into several global markets, garnering a reputation for releasing Barber-grade shaving products men can use at home, with their product lines including shaving cream, shaving soap as well as aftershave.

Interested in carrying LEA shaving products in your store? Here are the products men buy most often with LEA’s lines: Merkur double edge razors, Captain Fawcett’s Shaving Brushes, Floid Aftershave, Bluebeard’s Original Beard Saver, Jack Dean Pomade.

While LEA has a stellar reputation for its quality and a rich history to work with, but we completely understand if you’re not entirely sure how best to market LEA’s line to your clientele. Our solution: for you to request a complimentary training from our sales team who’ll show you the best way to curate this premium line of men’s grooming products.

About Perma Brands: we are North America’s leading distributor of premium wholesale LEA shaving products and offer retailers (our most common customers are men’s clothing stores, tobacconists and barbershops) the widest variety of LEA aftershaves, shaving cream and wholesale double edge razors.

Please note - Perma Brands only sells wholesale shaving products to qualified retailers.