Personna Double Edge Razor Blades 100pk, Razor Blades
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Personna Double Edge Razor Blades 100pk


Sharper high quality stainless steel cutting edges Tests have shown that these blades outperform the competition Blades are great for both haircut...

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Personna’s history reaches so far back, it got it’s start back in the Little House on the Prairie era. Since 1875, Personna has been pioneering the art of crafting high-quality stainless steel razor blades.

Personna’s blades are compatible with most double edge safety razor models, making them an even easier sell along with the brand’s established reputation on the market and what was once primarily a barbershop staple is quickly gaining more popularity with retailers.

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Simply put - Personna has a backstory that carries itself on its own strength and is very well recognized. However, we don’t like leaving anything to chance. If you and your staff do need insights on how to sell Personna products our sales team.

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