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Lucky Tiger is a coveted brand among professional barbers around the world. Iconic and refined, the brand came about in 1920s Kansas City, Missouri from amateur scientist and barber, Benjamin Clarke. With a passion for his trade, he crafted an invigorating tonic that he would use on his clients after delivering stylish shaves and haircuts. With increasing attention on the tonic, he trademarked it as Lucky Tiger in 1935. Since that time, he trademarked an entire range of shaving creams, cleansing masks, and moisturizers for men. 

Gentlemen exist in all walks of life, so their needs and requirements are individualized. We carry the iconic Lucky Tiger 3 Purpose Hair Tonic that is designed to produce clean and suave looks. Helps stimulate follicles and roots for a healthy glow. Includes the Lucky Tiger After Shave & Face Tonic and Face Scrubs, it's a brand made for gentlemen with a sense of nostalgia. 

Those who appreciate Lucky Tiger products also enjoy classic brands such as LEA Classics Shaving Creams and Omega Shaving Brushes to complement those renowned products. Jack Dean products are also supreme with their Bay Rum Body Wash and Rum Tonics. Made to produce a rejuvenating fragrance, these products are made to produce a refreshing experience. Should you need pointers on how to market the brand to a wider audience our sales pros will be more than happy to help with complimentary training. 

About Perma Brands: We are North America’s leading distributor of premium pomade brands and offer retailers (our most common customers are men’s clothing stores, tobacconists and barbershops) the widest variety of men’s hair care products, men’s shampoos and wholesale double edge razors.

Please note - Perma Brands only sells wholesale shaving products to qualified retailers.