Produced in Turkey’s Azmusebat region, which is famed for its high-quality stainless steel razor industry, Derby blades have been a hallmark of the region for well over 50 years and the brand’s reputation continues to grow.

You can also thank a combination of social media and the renaissance of the classic barbershop for the increased awareness of this brand, which helps cut back on your curation work.

Retailers who see the wisdom in adding Derby blades their shelves have also seen fit to add these items to their shopping carts: British Barbers Association Face Wash, Niegeloh Large TopInox Stainless Steel Nail Clipper, Via Barberia by Omega Aquae After Shave Serum and Jack Dean Eau De Portugal Tonic.

As mentioned, this brand comes rather strongly pre-curated, however there are still quite a few new customers out there who have yet to discover the joys of Derby Blades and our sales staff would be happy to train you on best sales practices.

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