Clubman Pinaud

Clubman Beard and Tattoo Oil - 30 ML / 1 FL OZ, Beard Care

Clubman Beard and Tattoo Oil - 30 ML / 1 FL OZ


The Clubman Beard and Tattoo Oil is a versatile product infused with healing properties. Crafted with Argan and Macadamia Oils, this product adds n...

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Clubman Bump Repair Gel - 4 Ounce Bottle, Razor Bump Repair

Clubman Bump Repair Gel - 4 Ounce Bottle


Razor bumps can be painful and uncomfortable, so the Clubman Bump Repair Gel prevents scarring and soothes razor bumps to prevent irritated skin. F...

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Clubman Regular Styling Gel 16 Ounce Jar, Pomade & Hair Products
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Clubman Regular Styling Gel 16 Ounce Jar


The Clubman Regular Styling Gel is designed with expert styles in mind. Firm and sleek, the gel is infused with ingredients to prevent oiliness and...

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Clubman Moustache Wax Black - 14 grams / .5 Ounces, Mustache Wax
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Clubman Moustache Wax Black - 14 grams / .5 Ounces


The Clubman Moustache Wax styles facial hair to supreme sophistication and elegance. Infused with temporary dye, this item will conceal those bits ...

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There are brands in the men’s grooming industry that have a great deal of legacy to back their strong line of products, but what you have in Clubman Pinaud is over 200 years of top tier balms, creams, aftershaves and more.

Aside from having a great brand history and strong marketing systems in place, Clubman is also made additionally popular for its presence in barbershops, where it’s introduced to new users on a regular basis.

Here is an inside look at the items retailers add to their orders when buying Clubman Pinaud products: Rapira Double Edge Safety Razor Blades Chrome, Elvado Classic Fragrance Free After Shave Balm, British Barbers Association Face Moisturiser, Razorpit Razor Blade Sharpener and Myrsol 'Don Miguel 1919' After Shave Lotion.

Don’t be intimidated by Clubman’s legacy and strong brand reputation. If you feel you need more insights on how to best curate their items our team of sales pros will give you their best tips.

About Perma Brands: we are North America’s leading distributor of premium pomade brands and offer retailers (our most common customers are men’s clothing stores, tobacconists and barbershops) the widest variety of men’s hair care products, men’s shampoos and wholesale double edge razors.

Please note - Perma Brands only sells wholesale shaving products to qualified retailers.