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Clipp Aid is an innovative new product with revolutionary properties. Clippers and trimmers dull after severe use, but there isn't much time to sharpen blades in active barbershops with many clients. The Clipp Aid is a unique clipper and trimmer that helps barbers and stylists maintain their clippers and blades in less than two minutes. Using the brand's patented crystals, it will sharpen tools immediately.

Clipp Aid is made with professionals in mind. Simply grind the blade against the crystals for a sleek haircut. Through the use of Clipp Aid once every two to three weeks, barbers can cut and trim hair with precision. An ideal accessory for renowned clipper brands such as Oster, Andis, and Wahl. 

Clippers have become essential to grooming. Gentlemen from around the world have started to own one, so this product would be ideal for those who require a quick trim. Should you need pointers on how to market the brand to a wider audience our sales pros will be more than happy to help with complimentary training.

About Perma Brands: We are North America’s leading distributor of premium pomade brands and offer retailers (our most common customers are men’s clothing stores, tobacconists and barbershops) the widest variety of men’s hair care products, men’s shampoos and wholesale double edge razors.

Please note - Perma Brands only sells wholesale shaving products to qualified retailers.