Osma Alum Block, (75g/2.6oz), Alums & Styptics, Alum Block for Nicks and Cuts from shaving

Osma Alum Block, (75g/2.6oz)


Relief after a rough shave is only a few moments away. The Osma Alum Block contains antiseptic and astringent properties that soothe nicks and cuts...

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Omega Potassium Alum Stick, 60g, Alums & Styptics

Omega Potassium Alum Stick - 60 Gram Tube


Description: Omega's new alum stick is a traditional and all-natural product. A very handy tool for any shaver, the Omega Alum Stick has many uses ...

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Myrsol 'Metilsol' Astringent After Shave (180ml/6.1oz), Astringents

Myrsol 'Metilsol' Astringent After Shave (180ml/6.08oz)


Description: Myrsol aftershaves draw inspiration from classic barber supplies. The 'Metisol' version from their signature line is simply incredible...

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