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Taking the incredibly beneficial nature of alum, the Osma Alum Shaving Soap innovatively uses it to offer that same quality during the shave. Classically scented and evoking the same old World flair of a solid alum block, the soap creates a gorgeous lather where only a small amount will last you the entire shave. Nicks and cuts will be soothed and put to a halt before they can even begin to impact on your day.  
Wet the Osma Alum Shaving Soap on area with a shave brush then shave. 
Why it works
Osma Alum Shaving Soap takes the very best aspects of alum blocks, which become active when brought into contact with water and skin. Long believed to possess incredible healing powers we now understand it’s an effective antiseptic and antiperspirant that provides a balm like film over skin. Such a seal puts a halt to bleeding and keeps moisture locked in long after the shave. Such moisture is plentifully infused as well, thanks to nourishing Shea butters immediate hydrating powers.
*Please note: This product comes in a plastic jar and the soap itself is wrapped in plastic*

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