Merkur DE Razor, 22C Straight Comb, Long Handle, Matt Chrome, MK-22002

by Merkur

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SKU MK-22002

The long handle enables a smooth shave and the closed comb is an all-rounder for classic wet shaving. The generous blade gap allows high soap flow protecting the razor head from clogging with cut hair or lather residue.

  • Three-piece Safety Razor
  • Straight Cut
  • long handle
  • Matte chrome
  • Honourably Designed and Made in Germany
  • Material surface: Matte chrome
  • Packaging: Folding box
  • Packaging size: 132x52x27
  • Product weight (with packaging):: 75
  • Product measurements: 104x41x25
  • Product weight: 61
Brass handle, die-casted zinc razor head, galvanized surfaces, matt chrome-plated.

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