K-R18T Kent Comb, Pocket Comb With Thumb Grip, Fine (136mm/5.3in)

by Kent

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Kent Brushes has been the leading manufacturer of bristle brushes and saw-cut combs since 1777. Crafted with cellulose acetate, static will be removed from hair and smoothed for a classic style. Designed with edges to rest your thumb at the bottom and your fingers at the top, it allows for a wide range of movements so that you can comb your hair with ease. Made with fine teeth, the comb will be gentle on even the finest hair. Natural oils can be distributed throughout for healthy hair. 

Key Features:

  • Fine-spaced teeth.
  • Saw-cut and hand-finished.
  • Gently rounded edges help prevent split ends. 
  • Ideal for medium and fine hair.
  • Long handle with finger grooves on end to enhance grip.
  • Hand polished and finished with Kent's name on the center.
  • Plant-based cellulose acetate.
  • Size: Pocket (136mm/5.3in).

Made in England.

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