DV-8009142, Dovo Straight Razor EDO, 5/8”, carbon, 1/1 full hollow, Ultra compressed maple wood

by Dovo

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SKU DV-8009142


Centuries of tradition. Wood grew for decades. One year of development. All for the moment of the perfect shave. The accomplished design of the blade is a tribute to Japanese blacksmithing. Let the razor glide across your face and feel the attention to detail that makes this a truly iconic piece. The sustainable walnut, maple, spruce, and beech wood of the handle has been densified and hardened through a novel process to the extreme so that it can withstand water and soap with ease. After shaving, the razor is much too precious to disappear into the case: The polished tang and back and the innovative shape set visual accents.


  • MATERIAL - Carbon steel
  • HANDLE MATERIAL - Ultra-compressed maple wood
  • BLADE WIDTH - 5/8"
  • DIMENSIONS - 14.5 cm x 2.4 cm x 1.1 cm

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