Anthony Algae Facial Cleanser 1 Fl Oz/ 30 Ml

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SKU ANT-101-81004-R
Anthony Algae Facial Cleanse

Incorporate our Algae Facial Cleanser into your daily regimen for skin that feels luxuriously soft, impeccably smooth, and thoroughly cleansed, all while enjoying a revitalizing burst of hydration. This essential formula, enriched with the potent benefits of algae, aloe vera, and lavender, has earned its status as a bestseller. Unlock the potential of this must-have cleanser that not only cleanses but also imparts a soothing sensation to your skin, leaving it not just clean but also healthily hydrated. As a pro tip, maximize its benefits by using it as a hydrating and calming facial mask for an extra indulgent skincare experience.

Quantity: 1 Fl Oz/ 30 Ml

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