Merkur Retail Display (PRE-ORDER)

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SKU MK-001
after a very lengthy back and forth with Merkur, they have decided to start production on brand new retail displayers, which I've attached to this email.

We're very excited about these, as we've felt that the shelf presence of Merkur has been lacking, and we can confirm as is typical with anything Merkur they are impressive - with a metal base and sides and a wood base in the middle for the display units. The interchangeable inserts in the back are plastic, and have 4 different options - I've included the english versions.  

If you are interested, please let me know. We are hoping to receive these with our next shipment and will be sending these to our larger Merkur retailers who are interested. We just need an estimate on how many we would need as these are likely going to be a one-time purchase.

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