Kent K-16T Comb, Large Size Dressing Table Comb, Coarse/Fine (185mm/7.3in)

by Kent

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Use: Hair

Size: Table (185mm/7.3in)

Hair Type: Coarse/Fine

Kent Brushes is the leading manufacturer of luxury combs and brushes. With a rich British manufacturing history, Kent sources the finest bristles, timbers, and materials to produce quality products that last. Since 1777, Kent has been the leading expert of comb craftsmanship for all types of hair. This Large Size Dressing Table Comb is saw-cut to thin teeth so that it would be ideal for coarse and fine hair. It allows for easy strokes throughout without pulling or damaging hair. Natural oils are also distributed evenly throughout the scalp for a lustrous look. (185mm/7.3in). Product of the UK.