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PermaBrands is the premier North American wholesale distribution of classic shaving, beard care, hair care, and Men’s gifts. If you are a retailer interested in these lines of products (hint: you should!)  here are our top ten products for you to retail in your store.


Recommendation #1

Rockwell Razors Classic Wet Shave Program

The first product recommendation which is also the top-selling product category is the Rockwell shave bundle. This is made up of the Rockwell hardware and soft goods display bundle. It has become a top seller because of a few reasons:
  • Rockwell has amazing price points
  • Really smart packaging
  • Great merchandising
  • Classic shaving is a great exploding category

Quick Tip: If you want to go up a level there is a beautiful wood display that is great for merchandising. 

Top Ten Men's Classic Products to Sell


Classic shaving is doing exceptionally well in independent retail. This is because it offers your customers a better shave, saves them money due to the use of inexpensive and recyclable blades and also move towards the zero waste trend for an eco-friendly argument.
Remember, these products are also applicable to both men and women. They are great for guys shaving their face, head, body and, of course, for shaving legs.


 What does the Rockwell Razors Shave Hardware Display Bundle include? 

Rockwell Razors Shave Hardware Display Bundle

If you are offering this for ladies shaving their legs, it is recommended that you look at the adjustable razor and its benefits.
Moreover, you also have the cream and the brush which are the elements that are the core of the wet shave program. With a brush, this cream will last up to six months, hence your customers will be getting tremendous value.


Recommendation #2

Rockwell Beard Bib and Beard Care Program

Recommendation number two is the Rockwell Beard Program. Rockwell Beard Program comes with fantastic packaging, great price point, and great product performance.

Rockwell Beard Collection Display Bundle

What does the Rockwell Beard Bib and Beard Care Program include? 

Rockwell Beard Program makes an absolutely amazing gift and has been a breakout seller. You definitely want to be carrying this in your shop!


Recommendation #3

Mr. Gladstone Solid Cologne Collection

Mr.Gladstone's Solid Cologne has become a fantastic product from a sales perspective because it's so giftable and attractive. Basically, a solid cologne is just a cologne that's embedded in wax. You just crack open the tin, apply the cologne to a pulse point and the heat of your skin releases the fragrance. 

Mr. Gladstone Solid Cologne Full Retail Display Bundle

It has many advantages over traditional liquid cologne:

    • It's easy to travel with,
    • It has great box packaging,
    • Is super giftable,
    • Has an excellent cash dash display.

All this makes it a really nice piece to merchandise in your shop.


Recommendation #4

Dapper Dan Pomades and Hair Products

Dapper Dan Hair Pomade Retail Display

In the hair care category, the top-selling haircare brand is Dapper Dan. They make a great gift and are all made in England 🇬🇧 .

The assortment itself has now been expanded so they have five different types of tin-based hair products:

In addition, they now have the Dapper Dan Sea Salt Spray and a Dapper Dan Texture Dust.
In terms of their displays, you could just carry the 3 channel display the 4 channel display.
Dapper Dan also has a great ‘Hairy Man’ gift combination which is a nice giftable set.

Dapper Dan 'Hairy Man' Gift Set

If you are carrying these products make sure you carry a folding pocket comb to sell along with the pomades. Dapper Dan has one. There's another one available from Rockwell razors which is a great suggestion as well.


Recommendation #5

Captain Fawcett Gentlemen's Grooming Requisites

Captain Fawcett

The next top-selling brand is Captain Fawcett which is a fantastic line all made out of England. It started off with a moustache and beard care line but now has a full product line.
Mustache Wax is one of their classic product.
You might wonder who's gonna use moustache wax?
Basically, during November, there's an event called Movember. A lot of guys grow moustaches during that time. They're looking to play with their moustaches and there is no better product than a moustache wax. Captain Fawcett is a great hit there.
They also, of course, have several different beard balms and beard oils. The packaging is the real winner with this product line.

Additionally, there is a Captain Fawcett Tattoo After Care Salve which will brighten up any tattoo. You can do a demo in-store and your customers will love it 😍!

Captain Fawcett's Tattoo After Care Salve 


There is also a Beer’d shampoo. This is a shampoo with Beer. Beer is great for hair as you might already know.


Recommendation #6

Manicure Sets

The next category recommended is manicure sets. They make a fantastic gift item and really should be an essential part of your retail program. There are two levels of this program :

Rockwell Razors Stainless Steel Manicure Set
Rockwell has a fantastic opening price point manicure gift set with 100% stainless steel, elegant packaging, super great value and are highly recommended.

Rockwell Razors Stainless Steel Manicure Set (5 piece)

Niegeloh Manicure Sets
At a higher level, there is Niegeloh. These are Solingen-made. Solingen is a German city and the centre of excellence in steel forging. The product is a high-quality German tool kit, 100% stainless steel with a real leather case and great gift boxes.


Recommendation #7

PureBadger 3 Piece Shave Gift Sets

The next recommendation is the PureBadger 3 Piece Shave Gift Sets. These are our top-selling if you want cartridge-based shave gift sets. Moreover, these are very elegant.

PureBadger Collection Black 3pc Shaving Set, Faux Ebony Badger Shaving Brush, Mach3 Razor & Stand

The key thing to remember with these shave sets is that they're designed for guys who want to use a cartridge. If you like double edge safety razors better they might not be for you. But from a gifting perspective, sometimes, these fit the bill well.

These should be merchandised with a cream.  So make sure you're carrying both of them and showing them in your store. For the black or the faux ivory set, either the LEA classic shave cream in a tin or the Rockwell shave cream are a good fit. For the cream set, there is a PuerBadger cream bowl and Rockwell and LEA offers classic shaving refill soap. Finally, for the brown set, there is an LEA  classic shaving soap in a wood bowl that looks great.

PureBadger Collection Shaving Bowl, Cream, Porcelain, With Silver Rim

Merchandising these to tell a story on how it looks in the bathroom is the key thing to success. These are great items for gifting for Christmas, Father's Day, Groomsmen gifts or Teacher's Day gifts and fit the bill perfectly. 

If you are looking for a cruelty-free version, because these are all Badgers, stay tuned for the Vie-Long section there will be some cruelty-free shave brushes.


Recommendation #8

Vie-Long Cruelty-Free Horse Hair Shaving Brushes and Sets

The next product suggestion is the cruelty-free horsehair brushes from Vie-Long. These are cruelty-free because they collect the horse hair through combing the manes and tails. Therefore, no animals are ever harmed in the production of these brushes. They have a beautiful collection of horsehair brushes in blonde, brown and black all horse hair and all cruelty-free. Now they've expanded their offering massively with beautiful sets and stands.

Vie-Long American Style White Horse Hair Shaving Brush



Recommendation #9

Merkur Double Edge Safety Razors and Dovo Shavette Straight Razors

Merkur is the iconic German company manufacturing double edge safety razors for over a hundred years. You can get there brand new Merkur Black 23 Safety Razor introduced this year. 

Merkur 23C Double Edge Safety Razor, Straight Cut, Extra Long Handle, Black PVD Coated


In terms of straight razors, there are the Dovo Straight Razors. There is a full assortment and in addition to those, there are Shavettes too. They are essentially the same thing as a straight razor but with a removable blade. So if you are getting a bit deeper into the wet shaving category, the Merkur and Dovo lines, as well as all of the accessories, are highly recommended. 


Recommendation #10

PureBadger Wet Shaving Accessories

This top-selling category is of wet shaving accessories. There are two bowls available.

The Apothecary Style Shaving Mug and Bowl available in a black and cream colours. It’s a great item whether or not you're making your own shave soap or you want to offer a vessel to whip up a lather.

PureBadger Collection Shaving Mug, Apothecary Style, Black Porcelain, Fits Standard 100g Shaving Soap 


If you're selling any kind of shave brush you definitely want to have the universal shave brush stand.

Also, you want to have the standard double edge safety razor and brush stand. These are just stands by themselves that can be sold with any kind of brush or any kind of double edge safety razor.

If you're carrying any kind of shavette or straight razor, again, the universal curved stand and all of these accessories are great add-ons to an existing wet shaving program. 

 PureBadger Collection Curved Stand, Chrome For Straight Razors,    PureBadger Collection Curved Stand, Chrome For Straight Razors


So, these were Prema Brand’s top ten retail products you can sell as men’s gifts in 2019.

If you're interested in carrying any of these products in your retail shop please contact or if you're a barber or barbershop then at

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