Vie-Long Nordik Set Black Horse Hair Shaving Brush with Stand

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SKU VL-S00608


Vie-Long Horse hair shaving brush handmade by careful artisanal process. It creates an incredible lather with minimal soap use. 

Key Features:

  • Very comfortable ergonomic handle.
  • Designed to create a rich, foamy, lather with extensive coverage.
  • The stand ensures the brush is placed at an angle, so it dries quickly.
  • Imitation badger bristles feel authentically similar.
  • Soft and closely packed horsehair is gathered into an attractive black handle.
  • Horsehair bristles allow very good water retention.
  • Sturdy and elegant black wooden handle.
  • Traditional shaving brush with functional stand.
  • The Face is invigorated by the firm yet flexible action of the horsehair.

Manufactured and imported from Valencia, Spain.

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