Menaji Adult Acne Set, Bronze

by Menaji

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SKU MJ-002393

There is nothing more irritating than a product that doesn't match your complexion. Whether you are pale or dark, Menaji has created options made for you. This Menaji Adult Acne Set is made for those with darker skin who require more of a bronze coverage, particularly with The Undetectable CAMO Concealer. Made for those with acne and spots that just won't go away, a dab of this will have you looking naturally you again. 

The Deep Cleansing Masque is a product used for improving dull complexion. Penetrates deep into skin for a nourishing cleanse that will exfoliate and refresh skin. With the Face and Body Scrub, your entire body will receive the treatment that you need. It is a combination of products that cleanses and exfoliates dead skin, oil, and improves the appearance of face.