DV-918096, Dovo Stainless Steel Satin Finished Travel Shaving Brush

by Dovo

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SKU DV-918096

The Dovo 918096 is a silvertip brush in the same pursuit as Simpsons’ Major and Vulfix’s Turnback (where the handle itself is the brush’s tube for travel), but using a push-fit assemblage instead of screw threads for the brush head and base.

It shares identical satin-finished steel w/ the fine Dovo 499906 razor/brush stand; there’s no doubt it is a looker, though you pay a weight and price penalty for that sturdier, highly-refined metal.

Every sample we’ve ever seen is a perfect, fairly bulby knot of silvertip badger hair.   The knot is entirely weighed, filled, tied, glued, and set to base by hand by expert brushmakers.  We suspect, but cannot prove, that its particular canopy was chosen with a mind toward drying speed, as no other Dovo model is so bulbous.

If you’re willing to pay this much and carry a bit heavy and keep to the painterly-type lathering stroke necessary from this canopy, this brush is hard to beat among those born specifically to travelling.

Weight: 135 grams
Handle Diameter: 29mm
Knot Diameter: ~19.5mm
Overall Height: 145mm in use (81mm compacted)
Bristle Loft: 50mm