Dovo Carpe Diem Multi-wood Straight Razor 5/8"

by Dovo

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SKU DV-008157
This Carpe Diem edition is a reflection of the dedication and craftsmanship that DOVO puts into every straight razor. 
With a refined multi-wood handle, the classic shaving tool stays loyal to tradition by carrying a handsome black and mahogany handle that sturdily holds their world famous stainless steel blade, built to provide the closest possible shave.
The luxurious blade also includes a protective case; a must have for travelers or even just the gentleman that wants to keep his cherished tool safe. 
Seizing the shave with DOVO's Carpe Diem straight razor makes an excellent lifetime investment for the daily shaver yearning for high quality daily. 
Proudly made in Solingen, Germany.