Dapper Dan 3-Channel Display Bundle

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This Dapper Dan Display is a fully printed metal container that can house up to 18 of your favourite Dapper Dan products. It features the classic Dapper Dan branding which will look sharp on your retail shop counter.

This Display Includes:

  • Dapper Dan Matt Paste 

    Dapper Dan 's Flagship Product. You will not find a better or more versatile matt styler. It really is that good; messy styles, partings, quiffs, this product will do it all! Strong yet flexible hold with a smooth and easy application. Washes out easily.

    Fragrance: Vintage cologne

  • Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade

    The Ultimate Pomade.

    The perfect flexible pomade for those who appreciate a professional slick look with no greasiness or flakiness. Water-based, it offers the hold and shine of some other more waxy and greasy pomades but will wash out of your hair instantly. Deluxe Pomade is versatile and can be adapted to suit your chosen style. Use a small amount on dry hair for a natural shine or simply use more pomade for that authentic 1930's look.

    This product will set your style in place all day but unlike many other water-based pomades it will not harden too much. Deluxe Pomade can be re-combed at any point although we do recommend a wet comb be used to restyle with more ease.

    Water-based, washes out easily.

    Fragrance: Citrus and Vanilla.

  • Dapper Dan Matte Clay

    For those messy looks with a strong hold. Dapper Dan Matt Clay offers a strong hold with a fantastic matte finish. This clay is soft and easy to apply and washes out the first time, every time, guaranteed!

    You won't find a better Strong hold matte product.
    Remember a little goes a long way, but for more hold and grip simply add more product. For a slightly smoother application, apply to damp hair or add a splash of water to the hands, and mix with the clay.

    Fragrance: Smoked Saffron & Leather

Bundle Contents

Item #
Product Name
Wholesale Price
  • DD-MP01

    Dapper Dan Matt Paste (100ml/3.38oz)

  • DD-DP01

    Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade (100ml/3.38oz)

  • DD-MC01

    Dapper Dan Matt Clay (100ml/3.38oz)

  • DD-DT01

    Dapper Dan Display Tin (Empty)