Clubman NickSafe Styptic Powder - 7 Grams / .25 Ounces

by Clubman

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SKU CLUB-812008

The Clubman NickSafe Styptic Powder stops bleeding within abrasions and minor surface cuts. Designed to seal wounds, it prevents the growth of dirt and bacteria beneath the skin to keep infections at bay. Rough shaves tend to produce certain nicks and bumps that are accompanied with moisture. Powder absorbs that to create a clean look so that you look refined in every way. 

Clubman Pinaud has been the supreme barber since 1810. The launch of the line elevated men's grooming products to elegance and sophistication. Infused with coconut oil and beeswax, they were crafted with to nourish and moisturize skin. Embedded with a Frenchman illustration, it has become the unofficial face for the brand. Highly recognizable, it's a coveted brand among professionals and gentlemen everywhere.


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