Clubman Nick Relief Styptic 0.25 fl oz

by Clubman

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SKU CLUB-812657

Dry skin and rough shaves create less than ideal conditions for sensitive skin. The Clubman Nick Relief Styptic is made for those who encounter nicks and cuts during their ritual shave. Designed with a no sting formula, the styptic stops bleeding and seals skin for an effortless healing process. Made for pain relief, this product prevents the growth of bacteria to speed up the healing process. 

Clubman Pinaud is a renowned barber brand with French origins. Since 1810, it is the supreme barber brand for professionals and gentlemen. Infused with nourishing ingredients such as coconut oil and beeswax, the full benefits of these products will be achieved. Acquired through the American International Industries 30 years ago, its reputation has remained and travelled across borders. Sophisticated and refined for most invigorating experience.

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