Clubman Moustache Wax Neutral 14 Grams / .5 Ounces

by Clubman

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SKU CLUB-017069

The Clubman Moustache Wax is a versatile product that is made for different needs. Helps style and maintain certain shapes, the product is made to create dapper appearances for elegance in mind. Infused with temporary dye, the wax hides patches of white and adds volume to facial hair so that a youthful experience can be achieved. Made with no greasy residue or unsettling fragrance, the moustache wax is ideal for those with sensitive noses.

Clubman Pinaud is designed with supreme quality in mind. Since 1810, the brand is renowned for high quality men's grooming in mind. Includes a dapper Frenchman on its label, it has become the unofficial face of the brand. Highly recognizable among professionals and gentlemen in mind, the brand is renowned for its nourishing ingredients. Stylish and polished, the brand is known for catering towards gentlemen everywhere.


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