Velecta Paramount has been creating innovative tools since 1936 and is renowned for their high impact hairdryers. Ergonomic, powerful, and quiet, their appliances are made with professionals in mind. With a reputation for modern designs and contemporary sensibilities, hair professionals have selected them as the most innovative brand for electric hair tools. Designed for quality performance, they are made for supreme styling and quick drying.

We carry the Velecta Paramount Tempo XP Professional Hairdryer, which has an extra powerful airflow and operates on 1875 watts. Embedded with a snap-on narrow nozzle, it also contains 2 speed and 3 heat settings to provide options for different hair textures. A Parisian beauty that is elegant and versatile, it's coveted among hair professionals everywhere. 

Valecta Paramount products are often included with deluxe brushes from Uppercut Deluxe and Denman combs. For superior styling, add Dapper Dan pomades to your shopping carts to allow for a firm hold on different hairstyles. Compact tools made for elegance and refinement in mind. Should you need pointers on how to market the brand to a wider audience our sales pros will be more than happy to help with complimentary training. 

About Perma Brands: We are North America’s leading distributor of premium pomade brands and offer retailers (our most common customers are men’s clothing stores, tobacconists and barbershops) the widest variety of men’s hair care products, men’s shampoos and wholesale double edge razors.

Please note - Perma Brands only sells wholesale shaving products to qualified retailers.