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Long a favorite of Spas, Queen Helene is now being picked up by more and more barbershops across North America as demand for in-depth skin care continues to grow. All of the company’s line feature only necessary ingredients that are devoid of harsh chemicals that do more harm than good.

Queen Helene built its brands with products that have successfully delivered anti-aging results that have left both women and men alike enjoying a sensation of fresher, youthful-looking skin. With over 80 years of product development, you can be assured your customers are in good hands.

When stocking up on Queen Helene products, these are the related items most barbers add to their orders: Barber Supplies Co. Barber Cape With Window, Jack Dean Macadamia Conditioning Shampoo, Scalpmaster Scalp Brushes, Gummy Hair Gel Plus, Lucky Tiger Bay Rum Aftershave and Sanek Neck Strips.

Customers who are treated to Queen Helene products during service will be quite impressed with the experience and that’s why you should stock these items at your retail counter.

Have any questions about how Queen Helene products can be successfully added and curated? Our sales team is more than happy to provide you and your staff a complimentary (but comprehensive) training in merchandising.

About our company was established with a singular focus on helping barbershops and salons thrive by serving them with our five pillars:

  • All the barber supplies you need in one place
  • The lowest price promise
  • A premiere loyalty program
  • Free shipping on orders of $50 (based on weight)
  • Talk your way (you choose your preferred means of communication)

Please note - only sells to professionals on a wholesale basis.